Food Not Bombs is a decentralized global movement dedicated to sharing free food.

While each Food Not Bombs group is independent, we all adhere to a set of common core principles:

  • Dedication to mutual aid over charity
  • Horizontal decision making using consensus
  • Opposition to all forms of oppression such as racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia.
  • Dedication to nonviolence and promotion of veganism/vegetarianism
  • Food is a human right, not a privilege

Hot Meal

We serve two weekly hot meals every Saturday at 4:30PM in Prefontaine Place and every Sunday at 4:30PM in Occidental Park in Pioneer Square, under the glass shelter.

Sometimes we run a bit late, but we’re there every week and usually ready to go by 4:45 or 5!


A ragtag group of fine individuals who believe in a kinder world. If you agree with the principles above we encourage you to join us.

Free Market Disclaimer

There is another Food Not Bombs group in Seattle that goes by Food Not Bombs Free Market. We are not affiliated with them in any way but have received complaints about certain problematic members of the group, so this is a disclaimer for people to be aware of these issues if they want to seek them out.